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Subject line: The Scientific Reason for Weight Gain When You’re Hungry
Body:Did you realize that dieting might “assist” you in gaining weight?If you’ve ever tried to reduce weight by eating small portions of vegetables that no self-respecting rabbit would touch, as well as dried salty, crunchy…something… or drank gallon after gallon of lemon juice spiked with red pepper and maple syrup until you needed to eat anything, anything…
Then all of your lost pounds reappeared, coupled with a pound or two of rebound weight gain…
You’re not the only one who feels this way!But… the issue isn’t with you or your willpower.That’s because the majority of people who have tried to lose weight have had the same results.There’s a scientific reason for your body’s behavior… and the good news is that you can collaborate with them.
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Email #2 (Kills it for Cold and Warm Traffic)

Subject line: Does Eating “Healthy” Foods Make You Gain Weight?
Body:That’s one of the multibillion-dollar food industry’s worst secrets.The FDA, or the United States Food and Medicine Administration, oversees food and drug claims. These regulations have legal standing.However, there is one element that they do not monitor.
This is the hidden ingredient that makes food so delicious that you can’t stop eating it while knowing you shouldn’t.This is the secret component in practically every “low-fat” product… because if those “low-fat” items didn’t have it, you wouldn’t be able to eat them.Scientists are increasingly considering this element to be one of the main causes of ailments including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and others.
To read “How Healthy Processed Food Is,” click here.

Email #3 (High Open and Click Rate, email is controversial)

Subject line:  What You Should Know About Acid and Alkaline Foods
If you’ve heard of alkaline diets, you’ve undoubtedly scratched your brain and thought to yourself, “But aren’t citrus fruits acidic…and healthy for me?”  You are correct.
They are, and they will continue to be.Because, just as some sections of your body should be so acidic that they would eat a dog’s hair, while the rest of your body should be slightly alkaline, some foods are inherently acidic or alkaline.When it comes to weight reduction, the acidity or alkalinity of foods is determined by how they affect your body. Is what you consume keeping the few sections of your body that should be acidic acidic, while the rest of you is alkaline?
Or does the food cause your entire body to create acid in order to get rid of it?If it doesn’t work, why not store all the toxins and excess acid they make in your fat cells?
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Email #4 (Send to Unopens)

Subject line: While doing this, a 45-year-old woman watches her MUFFIN TOP disappear
Body:Today I have some exciting news to share with you…
 There’s a new approach to melt belly fat that’s all over the media right now, and it’s been studied and mirrored in some of the world’s healthiest countries to help you burn fat and shrink your waist at a faster rate. In fact, one groundbreaking study found that people who practiced this belly-burning method twice a day burn 500% more fat than those who didn’t.
But this is what caused CNN and the rest of the media to go insane.A 45-year-old out-of-shape lady who suffered a heart attack attracted media attention after she shed about 20% of her body fat in only a few weeks to save her own life.
Do you want to burn 500% more fat by using this simple, belly-busting modification twice a day? Here’s how I’ll show you how to accomplish it:[LINK]

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Subject line: Have you given this quiz a shot yet? (Ninety-four percent of people fail)
Body: Do you want to try your hand at a quiz that most people fail?Yes?Okay, that’s OK.Question..
Did you realize that one green vegetable stands between you and the body of your dreams?This is where things start to get tough…
People who don’t quit eating this one vegetable can experience a slowed metabolism, STORE harmful belly fat, and even age prematurely, according to new research.This is the hard reality…If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of stubborn belly fat for good and unveil the lean, toned physique of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place….avoid this one veggie at all costs!
But which of these leafy greens do you think is to blame? (Select your response from the options below.)===>A. If you think is spinach===>B. Click here if you think it is broccoli===>C. Click here if you think it is kaleLook at these “veggies” that no one else is mentioning……yet they might be the most important item you need to FIX your metabolism and fit into a new pair of clothes.
So, if you’re the type of person who wants to take drastic measures to STOP eating the wrong vegetables and lose weight in as short as 14 days, go here for more information.

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Subject line: It’s EASY to Follow the New 4 Minute Belly Shredder!
Body: I sent you an email earlier today about a study my friend conducted on how a 45-year-old out-of-shape woman lost 37 pounds using these morning and evening tweaks without picking up a barbell or running on the treadmill, and I wanted to bust my butt and email you right away because he just emailed me to let me know about something…
For over a year, he’s been putting these changes to the test at his weight-loss camp.and one of them just told him that he needs to include some easy fat-burning smoothie recipes as well as some at-home belly-shredding guidance to round out the program. That he did!

That’s why I’m sending you an email right now to inform you.about the weight loss system that you can acquire for free if you act now and download his new Get up skinny formula!He emailed it to me in video format so you can watch it and follow along.Basically, he plans your entire day around the 4 minute belly shredder, which is one of the most popular and effective belly shred modifications. And here’s the best part…Rather than sticking to a single diet routine week after week, this approach allows you to vary your food on a daily basis while still achieving the fat-burning results you desire!
You can literally choose an exercise that fits your schedule and stick to it.Then you can do something completely different the next day. as well as…You’ll burn fat at record rates if you follow the 4 Min Belly Shredder protocol for 6 days a week without feeling deprived or trapped. To tell you the truth…
I wish I had thought of it first! In any case…This video is available for free…Then you act now and get the Get up skinny Formula! Here’s how to get there… [LINK]
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Subject line: In just four weeks, she lost 38 pounds.
Body: Hello,(!firstname fix!)
Okay, I’m going to ask you to STOP what you’re doing and read this carefully.A simple change enabled a 45-year-old out-of-shape woman (shown below), who was diabetic and had a major thyroid problem, shed nearly 37 pounds in just a few weeks…That wasn’t the most incredible aspect, though…Her past medical issues, especially her high blood pressure, vanished completely.
Her story made the 6 o’clock news because she only had to cut out two unusual vegetables (that she thought were healthy), which I will show you here, from her diet to lose 37 pounds and get her insulin back to normal. Now, at the young age of 45, she is diabetic free and has the energy to do anything she wants.The vitality of a 26-year-old.I realize her transformation, which you can see below, appears unbelievable, but before you see how she accomplished it, I’d like to warn you about something.
(As I type this email, Patricia Wron’s transformation photo is truly going viral!)
When you see the list of fruits and veggies that you thought were healthy, you may become irritated and even swear. However, after viewing this little film, you will feel reassured since you will know exactly which healthy meals to avoid in order to regain your youthful appearance.,Sign off Line
PSDo Not share this video,(until I give you the green light) I am under the radar and I don’t know how much longer I can keep this information public.